To Brexit or not to Brexit…











That is the question on everyone’s lips right now. With the EU referendum looming, the next big question is, How will the GDPR affect us should we decide to leave the EU? The majority opinion is that we will be definitely affected in some way or other by the regulation and most likely will have to adopt all of it, maybe in a slower timeframe… But there’s no escaping it!

There’s three likely outcomes should we leave the EU…

  1. We remain in the European free trade association or Economic area (EEA) of the EU similar to Norway in which case we would then be subjected to GDPR, in order to trade with the EU
  1. We leave all trade agreements and become similar to the USA – a ‘safe third country’, in which case we would have to have a suitable level of DP Regulation which for all intents and purposes will be the GDPR
  1. We completely go solo like Geri Halliwell, Robbie Williams, Zayn Malik…okay i’ll stop. Even in this scenario, we would have to make our own singles, do our own world tours… sorry, i mean have our own equivalent GDPR, or update our existing one and where better to find one? (I can sense a Blue Peter moment coming on…)

So in short… and forgive me for my Hunger Games level of enthusiasm of being selected in the games, but GDPR is coming one way or the another…The Real Question is… Are You Ready?

Let the Games Begin!


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