Revised RIPA Policy and Procedures Toolkit (2015)


The local authority surveillance regime((under the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000, (RIPA)) has seen a number of developments in the past few years. These include:

  • Since 1st November 2012, whenever exercising any powers under RIPA (doing Directed Surveillance, deploying a CHIS or accessing Communications Data) councils have had to obtain Magistrates’ approval. Directed Surveillance has also been made the subject of a new Serious Crime Test (Read about the changes in detail here). On the whole the changes are working well.
  • On 10th December 2014 revised versions of two RIPA codes of practice  RIPA codes of practice came into force.
  • More guidance has been published by the Information Commissioner on what to do when covert surveillance is not regulated by RIPA.
  • The Office of Surveillance Commissioners  continues to highlight poor form filling and record  keeping in his annual reports.

Now is the time to revise your RIPA policies and procedures to take account of these developments.

The revised Act Now RIPA procedures and guidance toolkit includes an updated version of our previous RIPA Forms Guidance document, which was bought by over one hundred different organisations. In addition there are detailed guidance notes on deciding when surveillance is caught by RIPA, how to authorise it and what to do about surveillance which is not regulated by RIPA. The toolkit is written in straightforward language (avoiding legal jargon) and includes flowcharts to assist understanding.

The full contents list includes:

Updated – Completing the RIPA Forms

  • Procedure for completing the forms
  • Common mistakes
  • All Directed Surveillance forms with full notes to assist completion
  • All CHIS forms with full notes to assist completion

Seeking Magistrates’ Approval

  • Step by step guide to the process
  • Judicial application/order form with full notes to assist completion

Updated – Undertaking Non RIPA Surveillance

  • When it is appropriate
  • Non – RIPA Surveillance Authorisation Form
  • New Non – RIPA Surveillance Cancellation Form

New – Employee Surveillance Guidance

  • When it is appropriate
  • Complying with the Data Protection Act 1998
  • The latest ICO decision
  • Privacy Impact Assessments

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The normal price of the toolkit is £199 plus vat for a hard copy and £399 plus vat for an electronic version (plus hard copy) with a licence to make additional hard copies and to upload the toolkit on to an intranet site (for internal use only).

DISCOUNT – If you bought the previous the version on the toolkit you qualify for a 20% discount.

Scottish colleagues can buy the RIP(S)A version of the toolkit here:

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