Likkindlee many other dads, and mums and ordinary human beings I received a Kindle as a Xmas present.

Having ripped off the wrapping paper and found it had power I registered my device in the process passing my contact details to Amazon.

I quickly found a book I’d been looking for in charity shops and libraries for just £1-99 so bought it and 30 seconds later there it was on my shiny hi-tech beautiful slimline direct marketing device.

It’s the adverts you see. Now and again it shows me an advert. I didn’t ask for it. I never had a legitimate expectation I’d have adverts on my Kindle. I couldn’t find a way to turn them off. Research on the net shows that Amazon subsidise the price of a Kindle and if I refund the subsidy (about £15) I can stop the ads.

Amazon didn’t tell me nor did the retailer. The price paid was for a Kindle not a discounted Kindle. Do I have any rights here? Answers on a postcard to Section 10, Act Now Training, The Internet.

I will write to Argos (my retailer) and point out that they shouldn’t send me Marketing  and no doubt they’ll pass me on  to Amazon. Or is it direct marketing? Have Amazon found a way to direct market to me in an indirect way? Will Big  Chris listen to my complaint and take action or do I need to find another 99 people who feels the same as me. Answer in several months. Watch this blog.

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