I hate my boss, I’m drunk, E’s are good and here’s my new mobile.

A delegate on a recent course after an animated discussion on social networking  sent us the following link to “We know what you’re doing… A social networking privacy experiment by Callum Haywood“.

To use the words of the site All data is pulled directly from Facebook, it is not censored, and it is publicly accessible via the Graph API” . In other words the site ‘reads’ status updates which are publicly accessible from Facebook and if they meet the right criteria it categorises them into the following 4 groups:

  • Those who ‘hate their boss’ (and are likely to get fired)
  • Those who are hungover
  • Those who use drugs or condone the use of drugs
  • Those who have a new phone number and have listed it publicly online

Some are fairly anonymous and private but now and again you do get enough information to track some one down with some low level googling. Here’s the link. Watch the video as well.



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