Net Loss or Net Gain

Great news.  If you use East coast trains extensively you can collect Reward points. This festive season you can maybe win a thousand or even (gasp) a million if you sign up now. That’s enough to get you free Wi-Fi on your next East Coast journey…enjoy VIP treatment in a First Class Lounge…or save up for … Continue reading “Net Loss or Net Gain”

@FOIManUK on Records management – Just Do It!

At the 2012 Information and Records Management Society (IRMS) Conference, Northumbria University academic Julie McLeod asked the audience a simple question. She asked how many of those present worked for an organisation that had articulated a vision for electronic records management. Less than 10% of the audience raised their hands. On first sight, that’s a … Continue reading “@FOIManUK on Records management – Just Do It!”

Parking & the DPA

I received this web link in an email from CONFUSED.COM which I thought was interesting so I’ve reblogged it. The DPA does feature (slightly) but it’s a good read. Nothing more to say – enjoy reading it but remember that the DVLA sell on your personal data that you thought you gave them to administer your car … Continue reading “Parking & the DPA”

The school that didn’t learn its lesson.

In 2011 I received a gorgeous CD through the mail from a school. It invited me to send my children (at the time aged 30, 29 and 25) to their school (35 miles away from my house). Read the full story on Act Now website ( a Northern school). I did complain to the ICO … Continue reading “The school that didn’t learn its lesson.”

FOI: Latest decisions and developments

One of the key recommendations of the House of Commons Justice Select Committee in its July 2012 report on the Freedom of Information Act 2000 (FoI) was the introduction of a new exemption for academic research. The government accepted this recommendation in its official response late last year. Clause 19 of the Intellectual Property Bill, … Continue reading “FOI: Latest decisions and developments”

ICO 2013 Conference Review

Roger Bescoby reviews the recent ICO conference… I was on my travels last week and on Tuesday (5th May 2013) found myself at the ICO Data Protection Officers’ Conference  in Manchester. Over 800 people present and about 300 ‘waiting outside the door’ as they say. It was, and always is, massively oversubscribed. It is the … Continue reading “ICO 2013 Conference Review”

Trainer under Surveillance! – RIPA required or even obtainable?

About 5pm I arrive at a small hotel ready to deliver training the next day. There is no car park at the hotel so I park on the large pay and display opposite. I check the charges, and buy the minimum – one hour, while I go into the hotel to check-in and see about … Continue reading “Trainer under Surveillance! – RIPA required or even obtainable?”

Disclosure of Staff Names under FOI

When considering request for information under the Freedom of Information Act 2000(FOI) public authorities often face a dilemma about disclosing names of staff. Names are generally considered to be personal data, being information relating to living identifiable individuals (as defined by the Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA)). (Although one Information Tribunal (as it was known … Continue reading “Disclosure of Staff Names under FOI”

Changes to FOI : Government Response to Justice Committee Report

In July 2012, the Justice Select Committee published its report into post-legislative scrutiny of the Freedom of Information Act 2000. Running to more than 100 pages, and considering submissions from a wide range of those who operate the Act, the report is broadly summarised in its first sentence: “Freedom of Information has been a significant … Continue reading “Changes to FOI : Government Response to Justice Committee Report”

Sat Nav Bad Day

In March 1998, High Court Judge Lord Justice Brown threw a claim out of court by the Police against a motorist who was caught using a Radar Detector. The Police claimed that under the Wireless Telegraphy Act of 1949, the motorist was illegally using the device. The Judge ruled that the Radar Detector did not actually … Continue reading “Sat Nav Bad Day”

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