Act Now DP Practitioner Certificate: Latest Results

Act Now Training’s Data Protection Practitioner Certificate continues to go from strength to strength. The two remaining courses in 2016 are fully booked and the latest set of results and delegate feedback show that it is an ideal qualification for those who work with Data Protection and privacy issues on a day-to-day basis. In September … Continue reading “Act Now DP Practitioner Certificate: Latest Results”

IG Dates for your Diary – Let’s seize the day(s)!

                By Frank Rankin It always seems to be the national or international day of something-or-other.  As I write it is (as decreed by the United Nations) International Democracy Day. Coming soon we will have (as decreed by a couple of strange blokes in Oregon) International Talk Like … Continue reading “IG Dates for your Diary – Let’s seize the day(s)!”

9 Tweets Long

  I went to an AGM last night. It was an employee owned company. I wasn’t there representing anyone just observing but a DP issue cropped up. There was a roaming photographer taking pictures of all the attendees. Some naturally smiled and waved but when I asked the photographer “What will you do with these … Continue reading “9 Tweets Long”

Who’s afraid of the big bad cloud?

By Frank Rankin For when you first begin to undertake it, all that you find is a darkness, a sort of cloud of unknowing; you cannot tell what it is… The Cloude of Unknowynge, Anonymous, 14th Century When it comes to IT, “Cloud” is still a scary word for many organisations. The language doesn’t help … Continue reading “Who’s afraid of the big bad cloud?”

Full Metal Jacket…

For many after the historic events in the UK, it may indeed feel necessary to don a metaphorical “full metal jacket” to survive what is an ongoing onslaught of the political landscape. Uncertainty grows and the decision to “Brexit” continues to have ramifications far beyond those that were considered by many, it seems. Given these … Continue reading “Full Metal Jacket…”

Nationwide breaches of DPA

To leave or to remain. What a difficult question and the citizens of the UK are wrestling daily with this issue under an intense barrage of claim and counter claim. But sneaking under the radar are hundreds of breaches of Data Protection law some involving thousands or millions of data subjects. Not noticed them? If … Continue reading “Nationwide breaches of DPA”

To Brexit or not to Brexit…

                  That is the question on everyone’s lips right now. With the EU referendum looming, the next big question is, How will the GDPR affect us should we decide to leave the EU? The majority opinion is that we will be definitely affected in some way or … Continue reading “To Brexit or not to Brexit…”

New IRMS Certificate in Information Governance

  Today, the Information and Records Management Society (IRMS) and Act Now Training launched the IRMS Foundation Certificate in Information Governance. This represents the first fully online certificated course covering data protection, freedom of information and records management. In difficult economic times, traditional face-to-face learning is often the first activity to fall victim of budget … Continue reading “New IRMS Certificate in Information Governance”

New Information Commissioner Approved

On Wednesday 27 April 2016, The Culture Media and Sport Committee approved the appointment of Elizabeth Denham as the new UK Information Commissioner following a pre-appointment hearing. Ms Denham has held the role of Information and Privacy Commissioner in British Columbia since 2010. Prior to that she served as Assistant Privacy Commissioner of Canada for three … Continue reading “New Information Commissioner Approved”

The school that ticked the box

Now and again as a trainer you know that someone is ticking a box. This happened to an Act Now trainer recently. A meeting is held in a school somewhere in the heart of England and someone chirps up “Let’s get some Data Protection Training in school. Er.. Madge can you sort something out?  Super.” … Continue reading “The school that ticked the box”

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