Doing BCS (ISEB) Courses? Top Tips from a Successful Candidate

I have been asked to write a blog on what I had learned from recently taking – and thankfully passing – the ISEB/BCS courses in FOIA and DPA. Maybe I internalised the legislation too much, but for some reason I could only think of addressing it in terms of 8 principles: 1. Start from scratch … Continue reading “Doing BCS (ISEB) Courses? Top Tips from a Successful Candidate”

How to pass the ISEB certificate.

As we leave the exam season behind for a few months with over 50 Act Now candidates waiting on their results 2 months from now we think we’ve seen enough to offer a few words of advice. Here are Ten Top tips and comments from candidates, certificate holders & former examiners that might help people … Continue reading “How to pass the ISEB certificate.”

The @BCS FOI Certificate: A Career Boost

“The course gives you a greater understanding of FOI and EIR, as well as giving you greater confidence in their application. I feel that I can now advise on FOI and EIR with more authority.” GJ, TFL “Excellent course materials clearly presented by a very knowledgeable and friendly teacher. Highly recommended for new and experienced … Continue reading “The @BCS FOI Certificate: A Career Boost”

The @BCS FOI Certificate Gives You Wings!

Are you a Freedom of Information (FOI) practitioner wanting to give your career a boost? Or perhaps you are new to FOI wanting to quickly get up to speed with FOI law and practice? The British Computer Society’s (BCS) Certificate in Freedom of Information (formerly ISEB) is now firmly established as one of the premier … Continue reading “The @BCS FOI Certificate Gives You Wings!”

BCS You’re Worth It

If you’re a Data Protection and/or Freedom of Information Practitioner you may be thinking about obtaining one or both of the BCS qualifications (previously known as ISEB) offered by Act Now Training. This was my situation just a couple of years ago. Back in January 2013 I successfully sat the Data Protection examination. Fast forward … Continue reading “BCS You’re Worth It”

Section 36 of FOI: An Appellant’s Perspective

Norman Baird writes: The University of London International Programmes offers an LLB degree by distance learning. It is studied by thousands of students worldwide. With such a large number of students, the University relies on a large number of lecturers from a variety of universities to mark the exam scripts. The University provides some academic … Continue reading “Section 36 of FOI: An Appellant’s Perspective”

BCS Data Protection Course – How I Passed

Sarah Browne, Information Compliance and Records Management Assistant at Greater Manchester Police, recently passed the BCS (ISEB) Certificate in Data Protection exam with Act Now. These are her top tips for passing: Give up any notions of a social life for 2 months – I did it – My friends and boyfriend supported my decision, … Continue reading “BCS Data Protection Course – How I Passed”

At Last! A Certificated Course for Scottish FOI Practitioners

For years Scottish Freedom of Information practitioners did not have a Scottish FOI qualification that they could study for. Unlike their counterparts in England and Wales, the BCS (formerly ISEB) FOI course is not suitable as it concentrates on the Freedom of Information Act 2000. Seeing this unmet training need, Act Now Training has now … Continue reading “At Last! A Certificated Course for Scottish FOI Practitioners”

FOI: Latest decisions and developments

One of the key recommendations of the House of Commons Justice Select Committee in its July 2012 report on the Freedom of Information Act 2000 (FoI) was the introduction of a new exemption for academic research. The government accepted this recommendation in its official response late last year. Clause 19 of the Intellectual Property Bill, … Continue reading “FOI: Latest decisions and developments”

Disclosure of Staff Names in FOI Refusals

This is an FOI decision from the Information Commissioner that I have planned to blog about for some time, but have now only just got round to blogging about it.  On 11 March 2013 the ICO issued decision notice FS50468600 which involved the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP).  The content of the decision notice … Continue reading “Disclosure of Staff Names in FOI Refusals”

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